FYBO In-Season Covid Protocols

Updated May 2021

UpdatedFriday May 7, 2021 byScott Kay.

The Governor, through his executive orders on COVID-19 over the last year gave the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) the authority to develop sector-specific rules for all youth and adult amateur sports related to COVID-19. The EEA works in consultation with the State Department of Public Health when developing the rules for amateur sports. The Governor, through his recent announcement, did relax some of the facial covering rules for outdoors, HOWEVER, there is an exception to this order. Under exception #2, sector specific COVID-19 safety rules as developed by the EEA are exempt from the new executive order related to facial coverings. That means the EEA is still in charge of the COVID-19 rules when it comes to facial coverings.

 This is important for two main reasons

  • Facial Coverings- As a result of this exception all players, spectators, coaches etc.. must always wear a facial covering unless having water. This must be strictly followed so we are following state and BOH regulations. The hope is there will be some relief around May 10h from this order. Any person not in compliance will be asked to leave.
  • Spectators- EEA regulations require designated viewing areas that spectators wearing facial coverings are six feet apart. 
    • Additionally, to ensure proper social distancing of six feet based on available space, spectator limits of two (does not include children) are still in place. Pisani Field is a very tight space. 
    • At the end of the day, we are asking families to use common sense and not draw attention to themselves. We understand Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles want to see games. If families maintain social distancing, then it makes everyone’s life easier. However, if large gatherings of families or fans congregating together not following the rules then we will ask to separate and ensure compliance. 
    • There are absolutely no spectators allowed behind the dugouts or backstops

Again, these rules are based on state guidelines for youth sports in the Commonwealth. We have no control of setting these rules and ask for your cooperation. As soon as we receive new guidance from the EEA then we will communicate to all families. 


FYBO COVID-19 Practice Protocols.xlsx