Babe Ruth

UpdatedMonday December 27, 2021 byScott Kay.

Majors Division

Age: 13, 14 & 15 year olds

Field: 60 / 90

Division Coordinator: Cynthia Welter

Division Assistant Coordinator: Paul Kane

Schedule: Number if games vary based on the number of teams in the league. Games and practices are scheduled mainly scheduled Monday evenings, Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings & Friday evenings.

Fields: Fletcher 3, Remington

Duration of Season: April through June including holiday weekends; generally weeknights and weekends.

How Teams are selected: Teams are drafted by the coaches. Players participate in a skills session before the season and the coaches meet with the coordinators to draft the teams. 

Basic Skill Focus / Expectations: Players play on the 90 foot diamond.

Hitting: A full batting roster is used in every game. See bat rules for more information regarding bats.

Playing Time / Positions Played: All teams make the playoffs and seeding is based on record. Every player must play at least 4 innings in the field.


2019 Babe Ruth FYBO Rules.docx