Triple A (AAA)

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Triple A

Age: 10 & 11 year olds

Division Coordinator: Ryan Camire

Division Assistant Coordinator: 

Schedule: Number if games vary based on the number of teams in the league. Games and practices are scheduled mainly scheduled Monday evenings, Tuesday evenings, Wednesday evenings & Saturday mornings or early afternoons.

Fields: Fletcher 1 & 2

Duration of Season: April through June including holiday weekends; generally weeknights and weekends.

How Teams are selected: Teams are drafted by the coaches. Players participate in a skills session before the season and the coaches meet with the coordinators to draft the teams. Players that are not selected to play Majors will play in Triple A.

Basic Skill Focus / Expectations: To continue to provide a basic understanding of the game while teaching proper techniques for fielding fly balls, fielding ground balls, throwing and hitting.  Coaches will teach base running and sliding techniques. Fielding situations should be addressed (i.e. what to do with the ball on force plays, pop outs, fly outs, etc.). Proper hitting techniques will also be addressed, including seeing the ball from wind up to the plate, choking up on the bat and hitting stride.

Difference from Single A: 9 players in the field. 7 run limited vs 4 runs per inning. Stealing limits are lifted and players are allowed to steal home three times per team per inning.

Hitting: A full batting roster is used in every game. Coaches are encouraged to make every effort to rotate players in the batting order from game to game.Bats must be “Little League” approved.

Pitching: Kids pitch and are allowed to pitch a max of 3 innings per game.

Playing Time / Positions Played: These are instructional games, there are standings as wins and losses are counted and there is a town playoff for division champion. Playoff seeds are based on draft order and NOT record. Every player must play at least 4 defensive innings -- a minimum of 2 in the infield and at least 1 in the outfield. Managers are expected to make every effort to ensure that all team members play an equal number of innings in the infield. The rotation of players between positions is encouraged as it provides for skill development and a more enjoyable experience.

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