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Bantam Division

Age: 8 year olds

Division Coordinator: Jeff Davidson

Division Assistant Coordinator: Larry Shea

Schedule: Number if games vary based on the number of teams in the league. Games and practices are scheduled mainly scheduled Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings & Saturday mornings.

Fields: Parmenter, Meadowlark

Duration of Season: April through June including holiday weekends; generally weeknights and weekends.

How Teams are selected: The Coordinator will do his best to put teams together by street, school and/or special requests made at sign ups on the registration form. In most cases the teams are kept the same from Rookie League.

Basic Skill Focus / Expectations: To continue to provide a basic understanding of the game while teaching proper techniques for fielding fly balls, fielding ground balls, throwing and hitting.  Coaches will teach base running and sliding techniques. Fielding situations should be addressed (i.e. what to do with the ball on force plays, pop outs, fly outs, etc.). Proper hitting techniques will also be addressed, including seeing the ball from wind up to the plate, choking up on the bat and hitting stride.

Difference from Rookie League: An inning ends after three outs or four runs are scored. There is no 45 minute instructional/drill period prior to the games, therefore more innings are played and time permitting, games should go a full six innings.

Hitting: A full batting roster is used in every game. Coaches are encouraged to make every effort to rotate players in the batting order from game to game. There are no strike outs or walks. The batter is allowed eight pitchers during his/her turn at bat.  If after eight pitches the batter has not made contact with the ball, the coach will soft toss to the batter until a fair ball is hit. Bats must be “Little League” approved. Bunting is not allowed 

Base Running / Run Scoring: The following is not permitted during a Bantam game: stealing, leading off base, advancing on passed balls or advancing on overthrows. Runners must slide to avoid contact. In the event of a legitimate hit to the outfield, runners may advance at their own risk. All running of the bases will cease once the ball has been returned to the infield and controlled by a defensive player. A defensive player’s inability to make an accurate and/or strong throw should not be exploited. 

Pitching: For the first half of the season this is a coach’s pitch league. During the last half of the season, players will be allowed for the first three innings of the game to pitch one inning per game to the first two batters of the inning. If need be, after eight pitches, the manager will take the pitchers place and throw four more pitches to the batter.

Playing Time / Positions Played: These are instructional games, there are no standings or championships at stake. There will be ten defensive positions. The tenth fielder must play in the outfield. Every player must play not less than two innings in the infield and not more than three innings in the outfield. Any player in a game who plays the outfield for more innings than he/she plays the infield, shall at the next game, play the infield more than the outfield. No player should sit on the bench for more than one inning per game unless all other players have sat out at least one inning. Managers are expected to make every effort to ensure that all team members play an equal number of innings in the infield. The rotation of players between positions is encouraged as it provides for skill development and a more enjoyable experience.

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