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Rookie Division

Age: 7 year olds

Division Coordinator: Bob Nealon

Division Assistant Coordinator: Dan Freiwald

Goal: Instructional / Introduction to the game of baseball

Typically, this is the first organized ball a majority of kids have participated in. It is meant to be real baseball in that the player is expected to have the proper equipment, glove, white baseball pants (girls can wear gray) and issued uniform (hat and shirt). Due to the instructional nature of this league, the first 45 minutes of each game shall be dedicated to skill development. During this time the manager of each team shall provide instruction by way of planned drills. The games are instructional and there are no standings or championships at stake. 

Schedule: Number if games vary based on the number of teams in the league. Games and practices are scheduled mainly scheduled Monday evenings, Wednesday evenings & Saturday mornings or early afternoons.

Fields: Davis Thayer, Meadowlark, King St Flagpole

Duration of Season: April through June including holiday weekends; generally weeknights and weekends.

How Teams are selected: The Coordinator will do his best to put teams together by street, school and/or special requests made at sign ups on the registration form.

Basic Skill Focus / Expectations:

At this level of play, the fundamentals of baseball are taught and practiced. Managers and coaches will provide a basic understanding of the game, including the identification of positions and terminology of the field (fair versus foul territory, outfield, infield, pitchers mound, batters box, dug out, etc). Skills worked on will include throwing the ball with hand over the top and catching the ball with two hands.

Hitting: A full batting roster is used in every game. Players will take their turn at bat even if the player is not playing defensively that inning. Each team shall bat through its entire roster, without regard for runs scored or outs charged. Coaches are encouraged to make every effort to rotate players in the batting order from game to game. There are no strike outs or walks. Bats must be “Little League” approved. Batting donuts are not allowed. Also, there is no on deck circle. All players must remain on the bench when not playing in the field or batting.

Base Running / Run Scoring: The following are not permitted: stealing, bunting, leading, advancing on passed balls, or advancing on overthrows. Base runners are ruled “safe” or “out.” Runners must slide to avoid contact. In the event of a legitimate hit to the outfield, runners may advance at their own risk. All running of the bases will cease once the ball has been returned to the infield.

Pitching: This is a coach pitch league.  If after eight pitches the batter has not hit the ball,  the managers will either soft toss or use the tee.  If any batter is not comfortable having a manager pitch,  the batter may opt to use the tee.

Playing Time / Positions Played: There will be ten defensive positions. The tenth fielder must play in the outfield. Every player must play a minimum of four innings in the field each game. Managers are required to make certain that each player plays not less than two innings per game in the infield and not more than three innings per game in the outfield.  Managers are expected to make every effort to ensure that all team members play an equal number of innings in the infield. The rotation of players between positions is encouraged as it provides for skill development and a more enjoyable experience.

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