Board of Directors

Updated Monday February 5, 2018 by Franklin Youth Baseball Organization.

Executive Board of Directors



Jeff Boudreau

Vice President

Mike Fradkin


Chris Quinn


Scott Kay

Director of Baseball

Chris Rocco


Board of Directors Position


Assistant Director of Baseball

Shaun Kennedy

Babe Ruth Coordinator

Michael Langmeyer

National League Asst. Coord.

Kevin Papa

American League Asst. Coord.

> OPEN <

Majors League Coordinator 

Paul Kane

Majors Asst League Coordinator

Ray Tarantola

AAA League Coordinator

Cynthia Welter

AAA Asst League Coordinator

Tony Scardino

A League Coordinator

Matt Walsh

A Asst League Coordinator

Anthony MacNeil

Bantam League Coordinator

Steve Florest

Bantam Asst League Coordinator

Dan Pennini

Rookie League Coordinator

Brad Sidwell

Rookie Asst League Coordinator

> OPEN <

Equipment Manager

Larry Pollard

Snack Stand Manager

> OPEN <

Director of Umpires


Summer League Representative - Small Diamond

Bob Colford

Summer League Representative - Large Diamond

> OPEN <

Summer League Representative - Barnstormer

> OPEN <

Fund Raiser Coordinator

Liz Ramaswamy

Groundskeeper Chairperson

Steve Munichiello

CORI Officer

Deb McKinney Morandi

Social Media Manager

Deb McKinney Morandi

Senior Babe Ruth / Twilight League

Marty Ryan